Wednesday, October 3, 2012

before & after {media console}

It is really is amazing what some prying, paint and stain can do! And some shelf installing, chicken wire, and lots of imagination. :)
Here's the final product- a media console.. or buffet.. or what I would love for it to be- a changing table dresser!
I'm secretly hoping that it won't sell and we can put it in "Jim's room," as Hartley calls it. It's our guest room.. but one day we'll need another nursery. Not any time soon.
Marshall made the decision to bring out the gorgeous oak top. We had no idea it was under all that varnish!
Oil-Rubbed Bronze pulls. Check!
Chicken wire so you can still see/use your electronic devices. Check!
 Sigh. I want to keep you!
But, you're up for sale.. He's going into the Shop!

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