Wednesday, October 3, 2012

before & after {media console}

It is really is amazing what some prying, paint and stain can do! And some shelf installing, chicken wire, and lots of imagination. :)
Here's the final product- a media console.. or buffet.. or what I would love for it to be- a changing table dresser!
I'm secretly hoping that it won't sell and we can put it in "Jim's room," as Hartley calls it. It's our guest room.. but one day we'll need another nursery. Not any time soon.
Marshall made the decision to bring out the gorgeous oak top. We had no idea it was under all that varnish!
Oil-Rubbed Bronze pulls. Check!
Chicken wire so you can still see/use your electronic devices. Check!
 Sigh. I want to keep you!
But, you're up for sale.. He's going into the Shop!

Monday, October 1, 2012

before and (almost) after

We are so excited about our current (and almost finished) project!

This 70s dresser received lots of prying and hole filling! The body and drawers were given a few coats of antique white, and the gorgeous oak top has been refinished. 

What was an eyesore and definitely dated, is now clean and casual. And perfect for housing electronic media in the shelves (and a nice 50-60" flat screen on top)! Or some diapers below and a changing pad on top. Or it could be a buffet! Possibilities are endless with the beauty.
I also think it would look good in our guest room.. hint hint Marshall..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

trendy or classy? trendy or classy?!?

We are always torn between trendy paint colors and clean, classic white. Deciding what color is our biggest challenge when it comes to revamping furniture. I often scour the internet looking for inspiration. And always come back to white.

We were going to try and be bold by painting this 70s dresser a light greenish-blue. Seafoam, you might say.

But we can't do it! Nope. It's gonna be white with a walnut stained top. And it's going to be gorgeous, too.

Everything has been sanded down, drawers and body have been primed. Shelves have taken over where the central drawers are. I'm just patiently waiting for the hubs to return home from work with some antique white paint. We'll get a coat on tonight. Another one tomorrow, stain the top, polyurethane, and then it will be up for grabs.

Stay tuned to see the dresser become a media console!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

White Distressed Armoire



Marshall added beadboard to the back

The drawers were beautiful so we did not touch them!

Antiqued glass knobs

Distressing really brought out the small details!
This only sat in our garage for 3 months.. We can't believe how long it took for us to muster up the energy to tackle the beast!! But she's a beauty now and will be going to her new owners this weekend!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

our swag!

As crossword enthusiasts, Marshall and I are quite the nerds. While thinking about the loot we scored this weekend, I thought of a funny (to me) crossword clue.

Loot. 5 letters.


So, technically. We got some booty this weekend.
And we need YOUR help!

That amazingly heavy armoire is going to be our first project. We have tons of potential ideas, but we need to decide on which. As well as what color? Distressing? Knock out doors?? The possibilities are endless!

I am loving this color!
We've also thought about knocking out the centers of the top doors and replacing them with chicken wire. 

The existing drawers are in excellent condition so we definitely want to keep them. It could even be a wardrobe.. or a changing station in a nursery.

I love the idea of using it as a pantry for a kitchen in need of cabinet space!
So- boring tv armoire? Pantry? Craft/sewing station? Changing station? Wardrobe?

What are your thoughts? Suggestions? We want 'em!